20 things you should know about me

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Al list of over 20 random facts about me. I don’t know if they’re interesting or not. But seriously, I’ve listed almost random things that I know about myself. Here you go:

  1. I’m very very attached to things, empty perfumes bottles, gifts box, gifts wrap, bus museum tickets, phone packages…nearly everything that may recall a souvenir or simply has a good shape. Old but gold.
  2. In my lifetime, I have lived in 6 cities and 2 countries.
  3. I wish I had my dream job – Getting paid while re
    ading all day long-.
  4. I like meals with salty and sweaty flavor, such as my favorite dish chicken pastilla.
  5. If I had the chance to choose a place where to live other than morocco it would be Japan for sure.
  6. If I can live in an island as the movie Cast away, instead of the ball I’d like to have a bunch of books to devour.
  7. I’m a very energetic and motivated person, and  sometimes I’m not. Instead I’m like:

 » Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed, Don’t feel like picking up my phone, So leave a message at the tone, Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything « 

  1. I’m a sportswoman, I practice various disciplines volleyball, body step, body attack, swimming, spinning…but funny story is when I run for some miles I’m really breathless ^^
  2. I love bing-watching Tv series, but I’m starting to hate it, I’m a TV series addict, I can’t do as normal people does, if I start an episode , I’d be sure that my life will stop and stuck on my computer all the time needed to finish all the seasons.
  3. I’m not really a baby attached –winou, minou stuff things-, The babies and I makes two left hands, but once a mum, my life has been taking a new and enjoyable turn, and now I have an Angle who makes me laugh like no one else does.♥ ♥
  4. Once very young, my friend challenged me with a very silly game, by banding the top index finger very low, I was very good at that i was left with a curved top
  5. I love discovering new cultures new habits, but unfortunately I suffer from what we call the Food Neophobia. So it rare when I come to taste new dishes and new tastes. I wish I could be more of an adventurer eater.
  6. The mother of all pressure in my life, is running out of ideas and new perspectives.
  7. Fall and winter are my two favorite seasons.
  8. I say more “Yes” than “Nos”.
  9. I can count the number of my real friends that I have.
  10. I also love to organize my flat desktops or mobile home screens — like thisthis, or this. And I love it when I see things the way I want to see them.
  11. I often (very very often get bored), I love change, I’m not a tree so I move very frequently.
  12. I don’t like people who rite layk dis, I hate it when I see words with incorrect usage of uppercases and lower cases.But no, and I’m not a grammar nazi.
  13. I think and overthink about almost everything.