A challenging year in Poland

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It’s the 1st of August 2013 as an ordinary sunny morning, I have been checking my inbox, full to the brim, so close to turn it off to go back to my unfinished morning nap, an email has just got my attention, is it real?….Yeah it’s…An answer from Lublin Politechnika University, I opened it so carefully, at the first glimpse the word “Acceptance to the master degree of management” did dominate my visual field….i was thrilled like a child in front of a Christmas tree, jumping around like a hippie….
Though at some level of my joy storm, an idea hits me like a train on the face “How could you live for a year in a country that has completely diffident culture than yours, a weather freakily freezing, a language that sounds like a broken record…. How could I leave my family and mostly my newlywed husband….”All kind of slightest questions was popping in my head like a fire bowl of pop corn, I was really at loss as what I needed to do next.
In the middle of this tangled thoughts, I was at the point to reject entirely the offer.

In a glimpse i was moved by the heat of my infant dream, I have always dreamed to live in a exotic country (Poland was one them), to live overseas and to discover new insights in this glob.
Based on this, this is how I made my mind, set my visa paper and luggage to fly.

During the flight I couldn’t help just to have this mixture of joy feeling mixed with a texture of anxiety and dreadfulness.
….It is the 30th of September 2013, I landed in a country where is raining dogs and cats, standing in a train station with a ticket in hand, on which I can’t understand anything apart from the date and the price. Staring at the passersby getting along with a panda eyes.
Along my stay in Poland I have been in situation like this on previous occasions, I have been lost in streets, buses, aeroports, lost my luggage, couldn’t do my grocery shopping successfully because I couldn’t get the notice on the products properly. Moroever I was enable to apprehend the words of the phone’s lady when I needed some technical assistance.  I have failed to file my polish administration paper, I couldn’t describe my destination to the taxi driver …I have been to many many problematic and embarrassing positions.
But truth to be told, in hindsight I discovered that in the middle of this chaotic year I have learned a dozens of precious life lessons.
I encountered a bunch of people from all over the world, I have gained a number of long lasting friendships, I have developed an immunity system towards hatters and and criticism, I have been challenged and discovered some amazing hidden sides in my personality, in addition i have developed an outstanding openness of mind tolerance and understanding, I get wowed about the diversity in our universal community…

In two words one year abroad thought me that SMILE and OPEN MIND are the best universal language in the world.