A lesson from my travel experience quiver

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Everybody who leaves his homeland, expect to enhance some part of his life, one travel to explore the world, to discover the hidden mysteries overseas, to learn from others experiences, and to develop a way of thinking out of the box, to encounter new peoples from diverse parts of the globe, to understand their differences in order to widen his sphere of tolerance and acceptance.

We all have dreamed once in our lives to take a plane and to stop by one or two or a dozens of countries just for the sake of telling others that we have been to this place and this place. Meanwhile, I just want to quench my thirst of curiosity and learning, thus to tackle various life styles, and eventually I did so.

Traveling as philosophers and authors have been saying about it, is not about the destination but about the journey that you undertake while traveling, is about the people you run into, the food you taste, the places you visit, the customs you notice, the troubles you come across, and the clash cultures you experience…

Having said that, I believe that my little experience have been showing me new way of looking through things in my daily life, as I came by , I couldn’t stop myself from measuring the gaps between my motherland and others foreign countries, seriously, I couldn’t help but to compare over and over, till my head was about to blow up.
Why? I Just want merely to understand our laps, hence to discern on which part of the race we have missed the track with these developed countries, to point out the problem that hinder us for years to catch up the others, to answer a question that I have been pondering since I came to Poland .

Certainly you will tell me that our entire problem lies on a huge part on the technological, economical, educational systems and the so. Then I respond; I couldn’t agree more.

However, today I want to shed the light on something that seems to my eyes more significant to the development of my beloved country, in terms of behavior; way of living, of understanding and acceptance. Frankly, during my voyage, i paid huge tribute to this society which recognizes the meaning of Civic spirit.

For a similar view, I’d like to share a few facts from my long list of remarks and life experiences. For instance, i couldn’t help to see how they sanctify the Traffic signals, frequently it’s below 10 degree here and you may see elderly women waiting for minutes, the green light to shine in some deserted street. Another incident that had just pop up into my mind, there was a car crash accident, the guy was hit fiercely from the back of his car, meanwhile I just imagined the same scene in Morocco, a quarrel was schemed in my mind, but to my big surprise we didn’t hear a word from any party, they just set aside their damaged cars, afterward they were talking too quietly , and cleaning the broken parts of the car from the road, in order to smooth the way for the other vehicles to get by, and me on the other side of the pavement standing open-mouthed. Not to mention, the respect for others privacy, no harassment towards women and others aspects that I’ll resume it in one word; the Community spirit and the Civism.


To sum up, I believe that what I have learned most from this experience is that we as a Moroccan citizens we need to hold very tightly to two majors pillars, so as to help our country to get on its feet, first by incorporating the principals of Civility which is a mutual recognition and tolerance between individuals on behalf of the dignity of the human person, that allows greater harmony in society; and in the other hand; the basic of Civic, which implies acting in the way that our general concerns prevail over our individual interests. Logic dictates that we cannot direct the wind but we can as individual during our daily lives adjust the sails and go forward. Achieving the goal won’t be just a slam dank nevertheless, everyone should start from himself and the rest will just piled on.