Eat Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

eat pray love
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Eat Pray and Love, a voyage through gastronomy, spiratuality and love.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love has touched my life, a remarkable piece that shuffle back all the cards in your life, your priorities and your dreams.

A must read for every women feeling lost, incomplete , messy. It’s gonna help you to search for your best self. This beloved and iconic book will change your life, the meaning of love and inner peace.

It is a personal journey where the author bares her tattered soul and her process of attempting to heal that soul. There are a slew of colourful characters. We get to go with the author to places all over the world, and get an interesting feel for those places.

A fascinating book one of the best, get under your skin and mark your life for ever.



Book score by Safaa 09/10.