How I reached 70% of my 2018 resolutions!

Everyone has planned and set goals for 2019

Today, 22 days have already passed from 2019

Over 90% have already forgotten and dropped their goals …

In 3 months, Only 1% will stay focused and persevere towards their 2019 goals …

Are you among those 1% ?!

Do you really want to be among those 1%?


To be 100% sure that you will be among the 1% …I will share with you one of the techniques that helped me to stick to my resolutions.

First of all don’t get impressed with all the photos and stories people shared on social media in new year eve, talking and showing their achievements.

It’s not that I don’t like it, in contrary I recommend it so much, you need to outline all of your biggest, slightest 2018’s achievements, because it’s going to help you to build a positive mindset, but don get on the trap of comparing yours with unstageable achievements, simply no one post their failures and difficulties, and second of all don’t compare your 1th or 5th chapter with someone else 50th chapter, each one of us has its own challenges and reality.

Having said that, and as I mentioned before since last year I have been doing a new technique to set my resolutions, It’s doable on any time of the year by the way, and it works like magic.

Let me walk you through it, normally when life is busy, or all your energy is focused on a special project or domain, it’s all too easy to find yourself off balance, not paying enough attention to important areas of your life.

That’s when it’s time to take a “helicopter view” of your life so that you can bring things back into balance.

This is where the Wheel of Life can help. Commonly used by professional life coaches, it helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what’s off balance.

As you can see in the photos above, the circle represents your life, the whole of you. The pieces of the pie, are the parts your life (Health, self-development/ personnel Growth, spirituality, career and Finance, Hobbies, Family and friends, Community, Romance, Environnement…). The nature of the aspects are up to you and usually identify parts, areas, roles, needs or dimensions of your life.

And I put 3 to 5 mains goals for my 2019 on writing, I don’t need to tell you that but your goals need to be SMART, (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). It clarifies the difference between ‘I want to lose weight and ‘I want to lose 10kg during the next year by doing sports 4 days a week, getting an appointment with a nutritionist”, the further you go on the details the more your objective will get cristal clear.

Now that you have your goals set on your weel, it is powerful because it gives you a vivid visual representation of the way your life areas.

After that, Collect a bundle of old magazines, and call the little child inside you because we will be doing some crafts activities. Find pictures that represent your goals and inspire you because we will be cutting and pasting photos related to each objective (while doing this make sure to put some nice music on the background so you will be more inspired).

Most of you will be asking me why photos, simply it‘s the power of visualisation, it’s scientifically proved that by representing your goals with pictures and images you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation…  and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly holds true here.

Yet the most important thing to do is to stick your vision board in a place you can see it and spot it every day (bedroom, kitchen, whatever…I’m not judging you but it may be behind the door of your bathroom too).By doing this, you will prompt yourself to visualize your ideal life on a regular basis.

The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them top of mind, so you’re always looking for ways to move yourself closer to them

The purpose of the wheel of life goals exercise is to make sure your wheel, the whole of your life, is balanced, all aspects or needs fulfilled in the right way. When one aspect of your life becomes the focus and the others are neglected, the wheel is out of balance. We know what happens to an out-of-balance wheel. It gets wobbly and is likely to crash. Our wheel, your life, needs to be balanced around the center.

So what’s at the center of your life, the most important thing?

Below you can find a sheet of Life wheel template that you can print, now you don’t have an excuse, stop scrolling and go hit your resolutions.