My husband is a romantic

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I sometimes wish that my husband was more romantic:

See i’m huge fan of Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks novels… and i read a lot of these really amazing romance stories with those guys doing those crazy things, whisking their women often somewhere exotic, surprising there women with those amazing fireworks, magical music band and stuff….to be honest i sorta kind wish that My husband would do just a little bit of that….

And then in hindsight, i realize that maybe he didn’t all this Taralala stuff but instead:

    • He always change the Light bulb in the house because he is tall and i cant do it by myself.
    • He always bring me that bar of chocolate that i love, even when he knows that im on a diet.
    •  He always drive me to and from work when i dont have a car.
    • He is always the one who turn off the light on bedtime because i’m afraid of dark.
    • He is the rescue that i ask when im facing a cockroach in the bathroom.
    • He is the one who hold my purse when i’m struggling with the end of my long robe.
    • He doesn’t wake me up when im sleeping on his arm even though his arm hurts like hell.
    • He slows down his march on the street whenever im wearing high heels so we can walk along together.
    • He is the one who bare my morning mumbo jonbo and my stupid stories and still force a smile.

….And i know thats not what happens in romance novels and movies. But its still actually pretty romantic after all, because it’s our special story ♡♡♡