One Of These Mornings

There are some morning when every side of the bed is wrong,

You know that feeling when your body is aching from pain and your mind is just getting exited like a child in front of a Christmas tree, not ready to get to sleep, and here you are at 3am of the morning struggling with your thoughts, and your mind is like  » No, we need to think about the slightest details of your existence and see how your life gonna turn to in 20 decades »

And i’m like « Really, do you have to undertake this conversation right away, please just cut the crap down, i need to sleep, i have work to be done tomorrow morning »

She’s rolling her eyes on me « Oh no excuse me this issue need more clarifications, we need to sort things out, and get to the bottom of it otherwise the humanity and the world will collapse »

Me « Really, are you kidding me, my eyes has been full to the brim with sleep, go ahead with your nonsense, anyway I’m just gonna ignore you »

And this is how you spend the half of the night debating with your mind, the second half having nightmares about you jumping off the cliff, and the icing on the cake this how you end up geting two bags under the eyes on the morning.

Long story short, I do really need a very very strong coffee.

Good morning