The difference between a national holiday on a Weekday and a Weekend

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catastrophically, and the list of my sentiments goes on…

On a weekend like today, we just do have this huge sentiment of betrayal, misfortune, affliction, disappointment…. about the fact that we were supposed to have a day off from work but it happens to be a Saturday.

Do you mean we never get to have a day off because it’s Saturday? Yes bro or sis, it’s the ugly truth.
So what you do? you just forget of this day, and you go with your life with no remorse at all?

Or you feel at a lost as what you need to celebrate in priority the Saturday or the national day? And you are like putting up with a day, so at the end of it you feel like you just spend the half of it regretting the bad coincidence, and the other half like you was hit by a bus.

Or you are like me, wanting to make the best out of it, and you are like enjoying the weekend and the day off you were supposed to have, in fact it’s the same thing the same 24 hours the 3 meals, one night and one sunrise…. but in your mind, you are doubling the outcomes of it and making every seconds counts, so at the end of if you don’t get the sentiment of betrayal at all.

But good news, in the other hand, is when a national holiday coincide with a week day (same as what we had last year, by the way I’d like to make a huge tribute to 2015, you rocks man we had like 4 or 5 prolonged weekend thank you so much, and don’t forget to come back soon).
so when it’s a week day, it’s a jaw-dropping event, Truth to be told you feel very grateful to the event occured years ago to which you owe this joyful day, you go make research on it, document it and you just hold the details of the celebration into your heart for the rest of your existence.

If still you don’t get it just hold it on, the worst betrayal is coming the next weeks on the 20 & 21 of August, then the facts will knock you on the head one and for all (Nyahahaha)